Wellbeing / Achievements

Wellbeing / Achievements

Wellbeing / Achievements

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Wellbeing / Achievements section from the Scottish version of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following system:

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It is important to record every child's Wellbeing within your setting, by doing this you are able to plan for the appropriate next steps for these children and, therefore, their learning, development and care will move forward at an appropriate rate.

Tracking children's individual Wellbeing is extremely important as it ensures that children's individual needs and unexpected developmental and care patterns can be identified early and accurately shared with parents and professionals.

Baby's Days has a Wellbeing section for every child on the system, this allows you to add Achievement Dates, Observations, Next Steps and photographs to Outcome Signifiers within a Wellbeing Indicator: SHANARRI, the Wellbeing section is a complete and comprehensive Learning Journey for every child on your system, not a tick sheet but a detailed journey of each child's developmental achievements through their Early Years.

Key Areas of the Wellbeing / Achievement section

Help videos are available to assist you in adding a child's achievements to the system.
Adding the date a child achieved a specific Outcome Signifier is a simple one click mouse operation.
Multiple Observations can be added from any page on the system and appear within the child's Wellbeing section.
Observations can be added directly from within the child's Wellbeing section.
A child's Next Steps can be added from directly within the Wellbeing section.
An unlimited number of photographs can be uploaded to each Outcome Signifier within the child's Wellbeing section.
Add Observations to each Outcome Signifier within each Wellbeing Indicator: SHANARRI.
Parents can view their child's Wellbeing.

Available on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps

The Wellbeing section is available for use by both Administrators and Parents on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Administrators can use the app for day to day observations and achievement dates of outcomes, upload photographs and videos, parents can connect to the app and view their child's entire progress including observations, achievement dates, photographs and videos.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Achievement / Wellbeing section on the system.

Header Information

The Wellbeing section allows you to jump to a specific Wellbeing Indicator (SHANARRI) for any child on your system where you can view their achievements, once within your selected Wellbeing Indicator you can quickly and easily move between Wellbeing Indicators and view the child's achievements.

Outcome Signifiers within the Wellbeing Indicators

Each Wellbeing Indicator displays a list of Outcome Signifiers that should be monitored and children's progress for each one recorded by the carer, this screenshot shows one Wellbeing Indicator: S - Safe, this Indicator lists a number of Outcome Signifiers and an area for the carer to add the date the Child achieved that Outcome Signifier (if applicable) and any notes or observations, parent's can also add notes and observations to this area.

An achievement date for each Outcome Signifier can be added along with Notes, Observations, Next Steps and Photographs.


Adding Achievement Dates to an Outcome Signifier

Adding an achievement date to an Outcome Signifier within the child's Wellbeing section is a simple process of clicking within the date box where a calendar will appear, select the date to add to the system and the date is instantly saved, in addition, the name of the administrator/carer who added the date is also added to the system and displayed alongside the Outcome Signifier.

Adding Observations to an Outcome Signifier

On any page of the system you can add Observations that will appear directly within the child's Wellbeing section, these Observations are used to provide evidence that they are working towards their Developmental Goals or a child has achieved an a particular Outcome Signifier and what they did to achieve it.

When adding observation you can upload photographs and these photographs will appear in each child's Wellbeing section displayed on the Outcome Signifiers the Observation was linked to.

Multiple Observations at once can be added for multiple children, in addition each Observation can be linked to multiple Outcome Signifiers, once saved the Observation will appear beneath each of the Outcome Signifiers it was linked to when created.

It is always good to show evidence and progression, even if a child has yet to achieve something ie: Baby tried to take a few steps today but didn't quite make it, just a few days now and she will be walking confidently.

Adding Next Steps to an Outcome Signifier

Directly within each child's Wellbeing page you can add next steps, detail exactly what you will do, or work on with the child to help them achieve a particular Outcome Signifier. Once added, these next steps can be added to short term plans on the system or an individual learning plan for the child.

Adding Photographs to Outcome Signifiers

Within each Wellbeing Indicator (SHANARRI), you can upload an unlimited number of Evidence and Progression Photographs for each child, these photographs are used to provide evidence that the child is working towards Outcomes or they have achieved them.

To upload a photograph you simply click on the green + icon within the Outcome Signifier row that you want the photograph to be associated with.

In the new window that appears you select the photograph(s) you want to upload to the system and add a title and description to each one, now you can also add this photograph to additional Outcome Signifiers within any Wellbeing Indicator, once the photograph(s) are uploaded they will appear alongside each of the Outcome Signifiers that the photograph was linked to when uploaded to the system.

Within each Outcome Signifier you selected to upload this photograph to, a picture icon appears, clicking on this will open a lightbox effect allowing you to view the photograph plus any others that have been uploaded to this Outcome Signifier, you can also leave additional comments on this photograph.

In addition, every photograph that has ever been uploaded to each child's Wellbeing section will appear within a main Wellbeing photograph gallery.

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