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Continuous Updates

Baby's Days is updated with new features every month and you receive these updates at no extra cost to you, that's the beauty of an online system.

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Complete Parental Access

Baby's Days is the only system available offering complete secure access for parents to view and contribute to their children's development directly on the system.

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Meets the 2017 EYFS

Baby's Days conforms fully with the new 2017 EYFS, all areas of the system are inline and are updated regularly to ensure recommended guidelines are met.

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Remove 99% of Paperwork

Baby's Days will remove up to 99% of the paperwork from your childcare setting, removing paperwork reduces time, manpower and print costs for you in your setting.

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See every action by administrators and parents on your system in real time.


An Outstanding System used by Outstanding Childcare Settings

Sharing Memories

Only Baby's Days allows you to communicate and share the precious memories with the parents of the children in your care, sharing their children's learning and development, achievements, wow moments, photographs and videos is a breeze with Baby's Days.

In addition Baby's Days is completely unique in the childcare industry, in fact it's the only system that enables you to capture and record digital signatures, photographs and videos directly on your system, allows unlimited connections for you, your staff and parents and most importantly allows you to run your entire business from one system.

Ultra fast communication with children's parents is standard with Baby's Days, with a live feed on any device and push notifications on mobile phones, parents will be updated in real time to activities and actions undertaken by their children in your setting.

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