Care Plans

Care Plans

Care Plans

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Care Plans section from the Scottish version of the Baby's Days system.

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Baby's Days makes the process of creating a Care Plan both quick and simple, as soon as you create a Care Plan for a child, the system will automatically import and display all of the child's achievements that have been added to their Wellbeing section between the date range you selected, this includes the child's achievement dates of the Outcome Signifiers, their Observations, parent added Observations, completed Next Steps, parent added completed Next Steps, Notes, and Progress photographs & videos.

Within the Parents/Carers Feedback section, this data can be completed by the Administrator on the system (you) with feedback received from the parent or it can be left for the parent to complete when they next connect to your Baby's Days system, this ensures that no paperwork needs to travel back and forth with a possibility of being lost in transit!

Key Areas of the Care Plans section

You can choose the date range that you would like to create the Care Plan for.
Developmental Achievements including Achievement Dates, Observations, Next Steps, Notes, Parent's Observations, Parent's Next Steps, and Photographs are automatically displayed for the child for your selected date range.
The Care Plan can be started and completed at a later date.
Once the Care Plan has been marked as complete the parents can connect to your system view it and leave their feedback.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Care Plan section on the system.


This area shows the Children who are currently active on the system, included within this area is the Child's first and last names their date of birth and age and the date that their last Care Plan was created, for each child you can create an unlimited number of Care Plans, these are created by clicking on the + icon and viewed by clicking on the eye icon.

Completing the Care Plan

At the top of the Care Plan you can select a date range (from and to date) to display their achievements within this date range, you can decide when the report has been completed, it is only when the Care Plan has been completed that the parents can view it and add their comments to it when they connect to your system.

You decide if you would like to complete the Parent/Carer feedback section from information received from the parents or you can let the parents complete this section when they next connect to your system.

Completing the Practitioner's Remarks

For each area of the Shanarri, the child's carer will complete the Practitioner's Remarks section detailing the child's strengths and weaknesses within that Area.

Below this section, the system will automatically pull in and display all of the child's Developmental Achievements from their Wellbeing section of the system, this includes:

Starting Points
Achievement Dates of the Outcomes
Completed Next Steps
Parent's Observations
Parent's completed Next Steps

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