Visitor's Log

Visitor's Log

Visitor's Log

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Visitor's section from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following systems:

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Sign on Arrival and Departure:

Digital Signatures are incorporated into the Visitor's section on the system, visitors sign their arrival at the setting by signing directly onto your system using a mobile phone, tablet, iPad or a signature pad connected to a laptop or PC at your childcare setting.

The system securely stores the visitor's actual hand written digital signature along with the date and time they signed.

Key Areas of the Visitor's section

Add regular visitors to the system thus saving time when the visitor attends the setting.
Each regular visitor can have a photograph assigned to them for easy identification.
Record the details of every visitor to the setting including their actual arrival and departure time.
If required each visitor can sign in digitally directly on to the system.

Available on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps

The Visitors section is available for use by Administrators on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Speed up the recording of visitors to your setting by allowing your visitors to sign their arrival and departure at your setting directly on the screen of your mobile phone.

Amazon Alexa Enabled

You can communicate and add data directly to the visitor's log section on your Baby's Days system from any of your Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

You can quickly and easily ask "Alexa" to record that a regular visitor has arrived at the setting at the current time, and once your visitor has left you can ask "Alexa" to record that your visitor has left.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Visitor's section on the system.

Regular Visitors

The regular visitor's overview page on the system shows you all the regular visitors that have been setup on the system, by adding a regular visitor to the system when they actually arrive at your setting for a visit you can record their visit with just a couple of clicks of the mouse saving time in having to manually enter all their information.

When adding a regular visitor to the system complete as much information as possible regarding the visitor, this will save time in the future when the visitor visits your setting.

Visitor Log

The visitor log overview page on the system shows you every visitor that has been added to the system along with their personal details and the date and time they arrived and departed.

When recording a visitor to the setting you can save time by selecting a regular visitor from the drop down list of regular visitors who have already been added to the system or you can manually enter the visitor's information.

If you want your visitor to sign in they can do so directly on the system, their personal details are then stored on the system along with their actual hand written digital signature.

View a previous Visitor's details

At any time you can look back through your visitors on the system and if they were asked to sign you will also see a copy of their actual hand written digital signature.

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