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Early Years Outcome Search

Early Years Outcome Search

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Early Years Outcome Search section from the English version of the Baby's Days system.

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Every childcare practitioner has been in the situation when a child has achieved something that they would like to add as an Observation to their Progress / Learning Journal or Daily Diary but just cannot find which Early Years Outcome it links to.

The Early Years Outcome search tool on the Baby's Days system allows you to quickly and easily search through all the Early Years Outcomes within the new 2021 EYFS by keyword(s), you simply enter your keyword or keywords and the system will automatically filter all of the 2021 EYFS Early Years Outcomes and display only those that contain your keyword(s).

A simple and quick tool that will undoubtedly save you hours in wasted time searching through books and folders for the correct Early Years Outcome to link an Observation, Wow Moment, Next Step or Photograph to.

Key Areas of the Early Years Outcome Search section

A help tour is available to assist you in using the Early Years Outcome Search feature.
You can filter the 2021 EYFS Early Years Outcomes with unlimited keywords.
Results for your search are displayed by Area of Learning from all seven Areas of Learning of the 2021 EYFS.
Results are displayed instantly and results can be filtered even further by entering another keyword.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Early Years Outcome Search section on the system.

Keyword Search - Listens and Walks

These screenshots show you the results of a search using the keywords "listens" and "walks" the results show you the Early Years Outcomes within the 2021 EYFS that contain the word "listens" and "walks" and these are within the CL - Communication and Language, and PD - Physical Development Areas of Learning.

Adding Observations and Next Steps to the filtered results

Once you have filtered the EYFS by your keyword you can then proceed to quickly and easily add observations, Wow Moments and next steps directly on to the outcome for one or more children, the observations you add will instantly appear within your chosen children's progress and the next steps within their next steps section ready for you to work on them with them.

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