Outstanding Settings

Outstanding Childcare Settings

Outstanding Childcare Settings

Every month we are contacted by numerous customers who inform us they have been awarded an Outstanding and Good Grade during their recent inspections.

They tell us that Baby's Days has helped them achieve this grade and a large number of our customers are adamant they wouldn't have received this grade had they not been using the system.

Every month more and more Inspectors are seeing the Baby's Days system in operation, which is not surprising, as we have thousands of customers using the system across the UK to enhance their setting

One huge advantage of Baby's Days over ANY other system available is the ability for you to quickly and easily communicate children's nappies, bottle feeds, toileting, Photographs, Observations and Next Steps etc with their parents enabling you to maintain a fantastic parent partnership, there is no other system available offering you this level of communication with your parents.

Shown below are a selection of comments from some of our customers who were recently inspected using the Baby's Days system, these are the actual comments our customers sent us, these comments were either emailed to us, posted to us or placed on our twitter or Facebook accounts.

Baby's Days has customers across the whole of the UK including: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the comments shown above are factual and were sent to us by our customers.

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