Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Naturally we can tell you how good the Baby's Days system is, but we would prefer to let our customers (who actually use the system) tell you exactly how good the system is and how it has helped them in their childcare setting.

Below you will see a large number of testimonials direct from our customers, these explain (in their own words) exactly why the system has proved so beneficial to them, we hope that by reading them you will be able to see exactly how the system can benefit you and your childcare setting.

Customer Testimonial
Terri B

After 9yrs in the job, I finally feel like I’m able to give it my all with the paperwork thanks to Baby's Days, why didn't I find it sooner, so easy, uncomplicated but best of all so non time consuming, everything is there for you, at the touch of a button, the staff are great and never tire of my silly questions. Thank you Baby's Days, you've put the fun back into my job, and I now remember why I love it so much.

Customer Testimonial
Jane B

After childminding for 18 years and experiencing a huge increase in the amount of paperwork we are required to do, amounting to many hours extra work in the evenings and weekends, cutting into our family time, I now use Baby's Days, the system is fantastic, allowing me extra family time and the parents of my minded children love looking at the children's diaries and photos and sharing in their achievements. Baby's Days is a hit all round!!

Customer Testimonial
Bev M

After doing paper work for the passed 10 years Baby's Days has been a blessing! it has cut down on my paperwork and printing and saved me money. It has shown my parents more visually all the work I do with the children with out carrying a folder full of paper around that can and did get lost, they can log on when they have time in their own home or a work and can follow their child's progress with more clarity and understanding as it is all in one place for them to see.

I find it easy to use and has made my life less compact with paperwork and less stressful knowing that it is all in one place. The Baby's Days team are very helpful and when I have a question it is answered promptly and they also update features to improve their product which help their customers. Using this system is the way forward and has given me more time to spend with my family and made it easier for parents to find information on their child's day and development. Thanks Baby's Days

Customer Testimonial

As soon as I tried Baby's Days I realised what a fabulous system it is. I LOVE the fact that I run an (almost) paperless service, it is so easy for me to log on to write diaries, do the register, write an observation etc. the system is very intuitive.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days has bought the enjoyment back into my childminding business. Paperwork is not a chore and everything is very organised and professional. From my last inspection I was told I needed to improve on next steps, an area I had found confusing, with Baby’s Days next steps is easy and links up to all the areas I need it to.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days has given me the confidence I needed to carry on with my role as a childminder. The amount of paperwork that was involved as a statutory requirements was so overwhelming that I questioned myself regularly if I was doing the right thing. Baby’s Days has restored my faith in doing this professional occupation that I love. It's because of Baby’s Days that I am allowed to spend more time with the children doing the job that I love. Nothing is ever to much trouble for them.

They upgrade our systems regularly making things Better, Simpler, and Faster.( BSF) They have helped me enormously in understanding how to imply the strategies of the EYFS. They also ask for our feed back before and after any new updates. It's because I believe in this system that I have recommended it to all my friends.

Customer Testimonial
Zoe B

Baby’s Days has helped me grow my child minding service and enables the children's parents complete access to their child's learning and development. Being able to see by photos what they child does each day and share these with family members as well as look with they child and talk about what they did. I do have many children on our books now and Baby’s Days takes away the need for a room full of folders. Baby’s Days also makes accounts easy as I can email parents I invoices. And they can print them and look back on accounts. The Baby’s Days system is amazing.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days has really helped make the transition from a childminder who felt like a fish out of water, to a childminder who feels like a professional person, with a very good understanding of the EYFS. My parents have access to the system whenever they wish, and can not only see the progress that their child is making, but can see their smiling faces on the hundreds of photographs that I am able to upload.

I have grandparents that live far away and they regularly log onto the system to see what their granddaughter has been doing. The support given by the team is amazing, and the continued development of an already wonderful system is fantastic. My work load will never be easy, as childminders are expected to do an awful lot, however Baby’s Days has helped to keep all my information/work in almost one place and has helped reduce the time I was spending on paperwork; thus giving me extra time with both my mindees and my own family. I would and have recommended Baby’s Days to other childminders, both in my local community, but also further a field.

Customer Testimonial
Jodie B

Baby’s Days has saved me so much stress, when I first signed up I was struggling with keeping my accounts in order and was looking for an accounts package but Baby’s Days is so much more! It has given my own children more time with their mum which as a single parent is invaluable. I now speed through paperwork and planning and I love the fact that parents have access to the system meaning no more rushing around trying to print everything off before they arrive, their children get more attention. Baby’s Days is constantly being updated and improved. The team listen to what we want and are always there to support us.

Customer Testimonial
Lisa W

Baby’s Days has saved me so much time and space. No more files upon files to have to find space for as all the cumbersome paperwork we do is stored securely on the computer. Baby’s Days has not only saved me space, but has given me confidence in how to deliver the EYFS correctly to the children I work with. OFSTED and my co-ordinators were amazed at how comprehensive Baby’s Days is and has helped me gain an 'outstanding' judgement from OFSTED. Everything you need to complete for the EYFS is under one roof and is constantly being upgraded to customer requirements. Absolutely amazing system.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is a fantastic system I have been using for over a year. On the system I am able to quickly and efficiently complete all paper requirements. The parents of the children I care for absolutely love Baby’s Days as they can log on and see information of what their child has been doing, photos and video clips. Parents that are away, such as in the forces, have told me how special this is. I am sure that Baby's Days will assist me in maintaining my 'outstanding' OFSTED rating.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is a godsend, although its taking me a while to get my head around the next steps , the rest is all very straight forward and if in times of help there is an amazing support team 24/7..i would recommend Baby’s Days without any hesitation, and I’m hoping it will make OFSTED inspections a lot easier to go through as there is nothing Baby’s Days hasn’t covered.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is amazing, I've been waiting years for something like this! It saves so much time and paper! Its really easy to use and I have only been using it for 3 months but all ready seeing results already! Thank you so much Baby’s Days!

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is an amazing system which should be used by all Childcare settings. It helps me share important info with parents quickly and easily and they can share info easily too. It has saved me precious time which can now be spent with the children as it should be. All my paperwork is available at the touch of a few buttons which not only makes it easy to find but looks professional too. Thank you Baby’s Days

Customer Testimonial
Lisa F

Baby’s Days is an amazing system, it enables me to keep everything in one place instead of different folders everywhere. The EYFS is so much easier online and the ability to add pictures and videos of the children is brilliant. My setting is almost paperless now.

Parents love Baby’s Days because they can log on whenever they want to and they can easily see what their children have been doing during the day and it makes communication with parents so much easier. Last week one parent went abroad to visit family and logged in whilst there to show them their child’s progress, pictures and videos.

The customer service that we receive from Mark and his team is outstanding and they listen to our needs and are always adding new features for us.

I recommend Baby’s Days to everyone I meet. I love it, my parents love it and I would never go back to 'paperwork', Baby's days is the future.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is an amazing system. It has made my job and my life so much better. No more endless piles of paper and hundreds of folders. Finally I'm on top of my paperwork which means I have more time to dedicate to all the children. I love Baby’s Days xx

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is brilliant, I used to have loads of different files for everything always printing things off, now it's all in one place, very good for the environment as well, cutting down on all the paperwork. Would recommend to all Childcare providers.

Customer Testimonial

Baby’s Days is FANTASTIC, before Baby’s Days I was behind with the EYFS and all of the paperwork. But since starting with Baby's Days I am now up together, have spare time for family, understand the EYFS and it looks professional.

My Parents love the system too as they can access their child’s info and photos whenever they want too. It has improved the communication between us. The Team at Baby’s Days are quick to respond to emails and are always very helpful.

They work really hard to update and install new things on the system to make things even easier. I feel more relaxed with the paperwork side now and feel ready for inspection! It’s easy to use and has useful help videos when you get a little confused! I would def recommend to any childminder who wants to make their life easier.

Customer Testimonial
Vicki O

WOW pretty hard to not get carried away when sharing how great the Baby’s Days system is, I would be lost with out it;

I love using the Baby’s Days system it was the best decision I made for my childminding business to start using it. It has made my childminding business more efficient and effective in every way possible, I am able to offer a more professional approach to my work and it helps me be organised, and taken the stress out of hours spent working on paperwork, and made it much more enjoyable to monitor the children's daily care, learning and development to a high standard, and as it is quick and easy to use, it enables me to spend more time with the children to explore, learn and play, and that is what the job is all about for me.

I also love how my setting has been able to move forward with the times of technology as more and more people connect to the internet for their needs. The Baby’s Days system is also brilliant for my parents and very much loved by my parent as well. They love how it is all easy to access whenever they want and how I can provide them within an in-depth view of their child’s learning and development and it is all set out in a way they can easily understand it.

The Baby’s Days system also allows me to form an effective partnership with my parents as I am always able to offer them to up to date information regarding their children’s learning and development and my childcare setting as well. My parent often share with me how they find Baby’s Days to be an invaluable tool and they still feel a connection to their child's day even though there not there.

The Baby’s Days team are also amazing and they work so hard listening to and taking into account the views of their customers and what we are looking for, needing and wanting on the system to improve it for us to use for our childcare businesses, so I love how it is constantly being updated and with new features that only makes it better for us to use.

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