Amazon Alexa Enabled

Amazon Alexa Enabled

Amazon Alexa Enabled

Amazon Alexa Enabled

You can communicate and add data directly to your Baby's Days system from any of your Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

By simply asking Alexa to record a selection of key activities directly on to your system, there is no need to login on a laptop or PC to add a general note, or open the app to record sleep times or arrival and departure times, and you can even start and end a fire drill with Alexa, she'll record everything directly on to your system without you having to open your laptop, click a mouse or enter the PIN code on to your phone, in fact it will take less than 5 seconds to add a bottle feed or sleep time for any child on your system using your Alexa enabled devices.

You can ask Alexa to add data to your system within the following sections on the system:

Accidents, Birthdays, Bottles, Calendar, Checklist, Concerns, Fire Drill, General Notes, Medication, Medication Dose, Private Messages, Register, Sleeping, Temperatures, Toileting, Visitors.

Alexa integration is available for use with any Standard or Premium Baby's Days subscription package.
Amazon Alexa Enabled

Screenshots and more Information

If you have an audio only Amazon Echo device, Alexa will tell you that your request has been added to the system, however, if you have an Amazon Echo device with a screen, for example an Echo Show, Alexa will tell you that your request has been added to the system and at the same time will provide you with a visual confirmation on the screen, the screenshots below are taken from the new Amazon Echo Show device.

Attendance Register

Ask Alexa to record the arrival and departure times for both Session 1 and Session 2 for any child on the system, you can even ask Alexa what time a child arrived or in fact if you have even recorded their arrival or departure time for the day.

Sleep Times

Ask Alexa to record the sleep and wake times for any child on the system, you can even ask Alexa how long a child slept for today.

Fire Drills

Ask Alexa to start and stop a Fire Drill in your setting, as soon as the Fire Drill has started she'll play an audible alarm so the children know the Fire Drill has started, at the end of the drill just let Alexa know and she'll tell you exactly how long the Fire Drill took and add it to the system.

Calendar Events

Ask Alexa to record a calendar event to the system so that you never forget that important event, she'll add it to your pending events on the system so it can be approved at a later date and added live to the system.

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