Waiting List

Waiting List

Waiting List

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Waiting List section from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following systems:


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Key Areas of the Waiting List section

Add children to your waiting list so that you can keep track of your enquiries.
Record the requirements of the child in the waiting list for example hours and fees etc.
If a child on your waiting list starts in your setting you can move them from the waiting list to the active children list with the click of a button.
When moving a child from the waiting list to the active children list all their data is moved with them saving you time in having to re-enter all their information.
If a child does not start in your setting you can remove them from the waiting list.

Available on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps

The Waiting section is available for use only by Administrators on the Apple iPhone, Android Mobile & Amazon Fire apps as well as a web browser on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Administrators can add, edit, view and delete children on the waiting list and move them to a room when they start in the setting.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Waiting List section on the system.

Waiting List Overview

On the waiting list overview page you can see at a glance all the children within the setting's waiting list, their names, age, date of birth, the date they are looking to visit and the date they are looking to start at the setting.

In addition further notes relative to the child are available including their requirements and hours and fees.

Add a child to the Waiting List

When adding a child to the Waiting List section you can add as much or as little information about the child, when the child starts at the setting the child and their data can be moved across to the active children list with the click of a button saving you in having to re-enter all this information.

Moving Children

When a child is added to the waiting list they can be assigned to a room so that you can view the future occupancy levels of the rooms within the setting.

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