How Baby's Days works

How Baby's Days works

How Baby's Days works

Baby’s Days is a subscription based software system hosted on OUR multiple high speed, high specification, Dedicated Cloud Servers based in a Tier 4 data centre in Milton Keynes, England, these run on our own DNS and every customer's Baby's Days system is backed up EVERY day at two separate geographical locations in the UK, including all the data and photographs that have been uploaded to their system.

When you purchase a subscription to Baby’s Days you receive your own unique URL and website which will look similar to:

Within an hour (usually a few minutes) of signing up for a Baby’s Days subscription we will contact you to provide you with your personalised login information for your system, this will allow you and the parents of the children you care for to securely connect to your site and start using the system to its full potential.

Every system works with all the features exactly as shown on this website, including the Control Centre, Live Feed, Daily Notes, Progress, Contracts, Learning Journal, Planning, Observations, Next Steps, Individual Learning Plans, Photo Galleries, Occupancy Levels, Policies, Permissions, Bookkeeping, Questionnaires, SEF - Self Evaluation and much more.

The system is completely interactive meaning you don’t need to enter necessary data more than once, for example upload photographs or videos to the system and link them to the child's progress they automatically appear in the photograph gallery and in the child's progress section.

As Baby’s Days is internet based the system provides you with many advantages over regular PC based software including among others: security and backups.

The children’s Parents can also login to your system securely to access and view their Child’s progress, photo & video galleries and policies etc and in addition leave notes within specific areas for you to respond to.

Everything you do on your Baby’s Days system happens in real time, there are no delays waiting for the software to upload or update and parents are informed immediately once areas of their Child’s data has been updated.

Your Baby's Days system allows for concurrent connections so if you are a larger setting with multiple staff you can all connect and work on the system at the same time.

Nothing to Install

You do not have to install anything on your computer(s) which means no compatibility issues with your PC. This means you; your employees and parents can be at any computer running any operating system and access the system and its data anywhere at any time and anywhere in the world on either a Windows or Macintosh PC, mobile device, tablet and iPad.

Continuous Upgrades

Our rapid pace of development works for you. With our online software, you get the updates instantly without having to install patches or a new version, we apply upgrades to your system as soon as a new feature is released (usually every week), we have a continuous development program with Baby's Days which means you will always receive the latest features and enhancement, in addition we will never charge you for these upgrades.

Smoother Information Sharing

Makes it easy for everyone within your setting and parents of the Children to access the system when they need it wherever they are, an unlimited number of administrators and parents can connect to your system at the same time with no loss of performance or speed.

Continuous Backups

Ever forget to backup your computer? Ever backup your computer? With your Baby's Days system, your data is backed up EVERY day (early morning between 2am and 4am) at two separate geographical locations in the UK; including all the photographs you have uploaded, so if your computer crashes, you have lost nothing.

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