Control Centre

Control Centre

Control Centre

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Control Centre from both versions of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following systems:

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Every time you login you to the Baby's Days system you will arrive at the Control Centre, this page tells you everything that is happening on your system across every section of the site.

The Control Centre alerts you if documents need signing, if parent's have uploaded photographs, observations or Next Steps, it will tell you if expiry dates have past, in fact you will never miss anything on your system as the Control Centre will alert you immediately in real time.

Key Areas of the Control Centre

The Control Centre displays live information from across the whole system.
See at a glance exactly what is happening in every section of the system.
The Control Centre displays alerts and advisories from every section of the system.
See exactly which documents on the system require signatures from parents and administrators.
See instantly if parents have added observations, next steps, photographs, medications and more for their child.
View today's register, planning, ILP's, daily checklist, food menus and more from the one page.
See instantly which documents on the system have expired or are about to expire, for example risk assessments, policies, permissions and contracts etc.
Jump directly to any section of the system directly from a link within the Control Centre.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Control Centre on the system.

Control Centre

The Control Centre is split into six main headings:

Daily Actions
Child Specific

Within these main headings you will find multiple areas of the system detailing live information about what is currently happening on your system.

Clicking on any icon within a main heading will display additional important information related to your chosen section.

View Alerts and Advisories on the system

The Control Centre will display alerts and advisories from every section of the system, an alert is shown if, for example: documents need signing by parents or administrators, documents have expired, for example policies or permissions, children below the age of 60 months do not have observations or next steps etc.

Every section of the system will display an alert in the Control Centre if it requires immediate attention or attention in the near future by you.

Record data directly from the Control Centre

You can record data directly from the Control Centre rather than having to go direct to that section to record the data, these sections include: Attendance Register, Temperatures, Toileting, Bottle Feeds and Sleep times.

Alternatively you may want to search all areas by a child's name, entering the child's name in the filter box will only show areas in the Control Centre where your choice of child is displayed.

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