Planning - England

Planning - England

Planning - England

Shown below is detailed information and a selection of screenshots taken from the Planning section from the English of the Baby's Days system.

Available on the following system:

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Baby's Days has the best and most advanced Medium and Short Term / Weekly planning feature available for Childminders and Nurseries, with pre-built themes and 100's of activities already linked to Early Years Outcomes and printable resources within the activities from Twinkl, no other system can save you as much time as a Baby's Days system - It is truly Outstanding!

750 Complete Activities linked to the EYFS:

On every system you will find 50 complete medium term plans with over 750 activities that you can use in your setting, every activity has already been linked to multiple Early Years Outcomes within the EYFS, thus saving you hours of work.

Some activities come complete with activity sheets from Twinkl, just click on the download link and print the activity sheet to go along with your chosen activity.

Key Areas of the Planning section

Medium Term and Short Term / Weekly Plans can be created on the system.
50 Medium Term Plans and over 750 Activities have already been added to the system.
There are no limits on the number of plans that can be created.
Short Term Plans are created by pulling in activities directly from your Medium Term Plan.
Activities can be added to your Short Term / Weekly plans by searching through activities by keyword.
Some Activities include printable resources from Twinkl.

Screenshots and more Information

Shown below are a selection of screenshots and additional information relating to the Planning (England) section on the system.

Existing Themes and Activities on the system

Medium Term Planning is developed on a main focus or theme which shows the objectives in all seven Areas of Learning of the EYFS. This main theme will usually last between 4 and 6 weeks but depends on the children's interests. There may also be more emphasis on a particular Development Area, so it is important to observe the children and pick up their interests.

There are currently 50+ Medium Term themes on the system linked to over 750 activities, these activities have all already been linked to Early Years Outcomes, this will save you hours of work, not only will you not have to think up your own activities for the children but you won't have to scroll through the EYFS trying to link them to the correct Early Years Outcomes.

The current themes on the system are as follows:

All about me
Alphabet fun
Animals - Zoo
Being active
Bottle tops and lids
Deep Blue Sea
Family and Home
Feelings and emotions
Fun in the rain
Fun with colours
Fun with Food
Going on holiday
Green fingers
Healthy eating
Jungle Fever
Learning about shapes
Learning at toddler time
Lego and Duplo
Let's Get Messy
Matching and Sorting
Mini Beasts
Music and dance around the world
Night and Day
Numbers and Counting
Our bodies
People who help us
Plants and Flowers
Recycling for kids
Road safety
Snow and Ice
Soft play centre fun
Starting school
The desert
Wellington boots
Wooden blocks

The activities within each Medium Term plan on the system can be used to create a Short Term / Weekly plan for any room on the system.

There are no limits on the number of plans that can be created on the system.

Each activity within a plan can be linked to multiple Early Years Outcomes, this information is automatically displayed when creating a Short Term plan so that you do not have to re-enter the information.

Quickly view, edit, copy and delete the Medium Term Plans on the system.

When creating Medium Term Plans we add a title for the Plan and then add activities linked to Early Years Outcomes, these are brainstorming areas which will be used when you create a Short Term Plan.

Short Term Planning

Short Term / Weekly Plans are created by taking activities directly from the Medium Term Plans on the system and involve setting out what is to be included on a day to day basis, one week at a time within the broad framework outlined in the Medium Term Plan, this enables much more focus on what specific needs the children have and how these will be met.

Short Term Plans are created by selecting activities directly from one or more specific Medium Term Plans.

You can use the keyword(s) search tool within the Short Term / Weekly planning to search through the hundreds of activities already on the system and assign the activity to any day of the week.

The Area of Learning and Early Years Outcomes each activity was linked to within the Medium Term Plan is automatically added to your Short Term Plan.

Short Term Plans are created for each room on the system, one week at a time.

Completed plans can be reused and reassigned with new dates.

Quickly view, edit, copy and delete all the Short Term Plans on the system.

Each activity within your Short Term / Weekly plan can be linked to multiple Early Years Outcomes within the 2021 EYFS

Assign Next Steps to Short Term / Weekly Planning

When creating or adding activities into your Short Term / Weekly plans you can link the children's next steps into these activities so that you can work on the next steps with the children whilst carrying out the group activities, you can add any number of next steps into your planning for multiple children. If a child has next steps linked to the same Early Years Outcomes as the activity within the planning the system will recommend linking these next steps into your planning.

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